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DS will work on bespoke tech and collaborate with Peugeot and Citroen

DS boss Yves Bonnefont has shed light on how the PSA Group will manage the introduction of new technology among its three car brands DS will develop its own car technology, in addition to sharing systems with sister brands Peugeot and Citroën, according to company boss Yves Bonnefont. Speaking atRead More

VW emissions scandal: 5m VWs affected, 11m VW Group cars in total, remedial work will be required

Ongoing investigation highlights number of affected models and promises owners will be offered remedial work as soon as possible Volkswagen has revealed that internal investigations are ongoing as to which of its cars are affected by the emissions software that allowed its cars to cheat emissions tests in the USA,Read More

Police & Autonomous Vehicles: How Will That Work, Exactly?

Here’s what we know about autonomous cars: 1. They’re coming. 2. Their arrival will be piecemeal, via a range of autonomous features, which will eventually merge into fully self-driving vehicles. 3. Autonomous technology could be accepted by the mainstream within five or ten years. 4. Autonomous vehicles will smooth outRead More

Alpina at 50 – how to improve on BMW’s finest work

Alpina closed its factory for a week to celebrate its 50th birthday. For 50 years, Alpina has been making good BMWs even better, and it isn’t about to rest on its laurels Even for a company that has a history of doing things a little differently, Alpina’s recent 50th birthdayRead More