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Brocks Performance Now Distributing Rotobox Carbon-Fiber Wheels

From a Brock’s Performance press release: Brock’s Performance, a global leader in the design, testing, retailing and distribution of go-fast motorcycle parts, is proud to announce an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Rotobox Wheels. Rotobox’s unique, carbon-fiber monocoque wheels are immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rimRead More

Weekend Awesome – Two Wheels vs. Four: Kid Edition

This week’s video is yet another take on the motorcycle versus car race, but with one catch: neither competitor is old enough to go to school yet. Introducing the motorcycle-riding Tima Kuleshov (2 years old at the time of filming last fall) and kart driver Makar Zheleznyak (4 years old).Read More

Use Your Wheels As A Rolling Billboard + Video

Motorcyclists are always complaining that other motorists on the road never see them. Well, with the new Wheelies wheel display, you’ll surely be the center of attention. In short, Wheelies transforms any wheel into a full-color display or billboard to showcase anything from personal artwork to advertisements, and the companyRead More

Top 10 Tips for Removing/Installing Motorcycle Wheels

Question: What’s a motorcycle’s natural position? Answer: Lying on its side. What does this have to do with removing a motorcycle’s wheels? Well, Sparky, if you don’t follow these tips, your odds of seeing your motorcycle achieve its natural position increase dramatically. Any time you lift your bike with aRead More