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New Porsche 911 versus old – which is better?

Is the new turbocharged 911 Carrera a better 911 than the car it is replacing, or just a different kind of 911? We drive both examples to decide We’re not going to sweat the small stuff here, you might be glad to learn. I have neither the space nor, frankly, theRead More

Porsche 911 Carrera S versus Jaguar F-Type R – twin test

Porsche has embraced the dark side of turbocharging for the 911, but has that dulled its sabre-sharp edge? There is an awful lot of navel-gazing being done about the new Porsche 911. Few sections of the car enthusiast community are more prone to such things than Porsche devotees. It’s Weissach’sRead More

The BMW G310R Versus The World

With BMW’s announcement that it will be producing a small-displacement, single-cylinder motorcycle – the G310R – aimed at newer riders and available come the latter stages of 2016, the German marque has signaled to everyone that it’s aiming at world domination. And if you’re familiar with South Park or internetRead More

Alpina D3 Biturbo versus Audi A7 – comparison

In spite of the headlines and hullabaloo, now could be the perfect time to buy a fast diesel executive car. But does Audi or Alpina rule the roost? The dieselgate scandal will have to run on for a long time yet, in this tester’s opinion, before it starts to seriouslyRead More

Peugeot 308 GTi versus Ford Focus ST – comparison

The newly arrived 308 GTi aims to make Peugeot once more the headline act on the hot hatch stage. The Ford Focus ST, the current driver’s favourite, stands in its way Consider this. In 1975, the Volkswagen Golf GTI developed 110bhp. In 2012, the latest Golf GTI was launched withRead More

Jaguar XF versus BMW 5 Series – comparison

Jaguar’s first XF was a class champion. Can its all-new second iteration uphold XF honour when faced with BMW’s big-hitting 530d? Things seem to be going quite well for Jaguar all of a sudden, don’t they? Well enough that we might even risk a hostage to fortune: a hope forRead More

Porsche Cayman GT4 versus Honda NSX and Ferrari 355 – comparison

Just how good is the barnstorming new Porsche Cayman GT4? We measure it against two past masters, the Honda NSX and Ferrari F355 The Porsche Cayman GT4 has already left an indelible mark on our motoring year. We’ve weighed it, measured it, done road and track miles aplenty and, five-starRead More

Skoda Superb Estate versus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate – comparison

The new Skoda Superb Estate has enough space inside to shade the benchmark Mercedes E-Class wagon. Should you choose one instead? There are two kinds of car enthusiast. I used to be one of the normal kind – we’ll call them ‘group one’ – but I’ve changed. Life has turnedRead More

Bentley Mulsanne Speed versus Tesla Model S P85D – comparison

Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed aims to offer enhanced driver appeal in an opulent four-door package, but can the Tesla Model S do the same for much less? Not so deep into Bentley’s website, just a few clicks through virtual pages where glossy people drive opulent cars in gilded vistas, there isRead More

New Porsche 911 versus used Bentley Continental GT – comparison

If luxury motoring is what you’re seeking, then few cars can best Bentley’s Continental GT. Could a new Porsche 911 be the safer option, though? How often have you been asked what your dream garage is or, worse, your favourite car? And how often have you ummed and erred beforeRead More

New BMW M4 versus used Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – comparison

At around £60,000 each, BMW’s M4 and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti seem well matched. But which should earn a place in your garage? A tantalising match-up, this one. It’s rare that Maranello and Munich face off on equal terms, but here we have it: a pair of 2+2, front-engined, rear-wheel-driveRead More

New Peugeot RCZ R versus used Jaguar XKR – comparison

Can Peugeot’s 266bhp sports coupé fend off a 500bhp Jaguar? When cost is factored in, it’s more of a fair contest than you might think Oh for heaven’s sake, at least make it a fair contest. Sure, the Peugeot RCZ is an attractive car and at its best in theRead More