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2016 Toyota Prius: Lower Price, Higher MPG Adds Up To Even Better Value

The entire 2016 Toyota Prius Liftback lineup has been priced. Well, almost all of it has—because we’re still waiting for details and all the pertinent numbers on the reformulated Prius Plug-In that’s expected in the next year. The Prius family has, for years, included some of the highest achievers ofRead More

Cropley on cars – Jaguar’s XE is top value, VW has created a media storm

First long trip in our new Jaguar XE long-termer; I’m hankering after an ex-army Jeep; VW’s scandal means we’re all under scrutiny MONDAY – First decent drive in our Jaguar XE diesel long-termer, a round trip of 150 miles: London, Midlands, Gloucestershire. This is the 178bhp diesel with eight-speed auto, whichRead More

Value brands are the new used

Does buying new instead of used ever make sense? It can do with value brands New cars: I don’t normally do them, except that it is good to drive 
some from time to time to see exactly what I’ve been missing.  
So I was rather invigorated after 
driving a wholeRead More

How to value your car: the complete guide

Tips & advice 27 Aug, 2015 It's not always easy to check your car's value when you want to sell, so here's our helpful guide Latest

The auction bible – how Glass’s Guide decides the value of your car

How does the trade decide what your car is worth and how much you’ll pay for your next used buy? We find out Everyone remembers the moment in a car purchase when the salesman reaches into a desk drawer, produces his used car value guide, riffles pages for a minuteRead More

Best Value Motorcycle of 2015

Best Value Motorcycle of the Year: Yamaha FZ-07 By Troy Siahaan Bang for the buck. That’s what it comes down to when you talk about value. Whether it’s refrigerators or motorcycles, getting a good value boils down to receiving more than expected for an item’s price tag. Of course, itRead More