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Tomfoolery – Rossi’s 2016 Title Chances

MotoGP’s season finale at Valencia was a better nail-biting cliffhanger than Game of Thrones, albeit not quite as erotic. The he-said-he-said soap opera of 2015 ended when the season-long heroics from the sport’s golden boy (pictured above) came to no avail when the come-from-behind win failed to materialize. The 2015Read More

Tomfoolery – Year’s Coolest Uncle Award

Thanks to daddy-to-be editor, Troy Siahaan, and his 2015 $ 100-$ 200 Holiday Gift Guide I managed to score the perfect Christmas gift for my three-year-old nephew, Braxton – the 6V BMW R1200GS by RollPlay at Target for about $ 100. The BMW S1000RR by Ride-On at Wal-Mart may haveRead More

Tomfoolery – The MO Show

Comfortable shoes. It’s the foremost important aspect of enjoying any large consumer or trade show. Comfortable Shoe Editor, Troy Siahaan, and I had this exact conversation the morning of attending media day at Long Beach IMS. We both rode to the show, but whereas he brought sneakers to change into,Read More

Tomfoolery – Rip Van Honda Awakens?

Do you get the feeling that the financial crisis and its aftermath signaled nap time for  the supersport division of Honda’s CBR engineering department? Since the last two major revamps – 2008 for the 1000RR, and 2009 for the 600RR – things have been pretty quiet other than mild massagingRead More

Tomfoolery – Motoflation

A couple months ago my column (From Domination To Near Extinction) bemoaned the future status of American talent at world-level motorcycle road racing. “Blame it on the Great Recession, DMG’s hostaging of American Superbike racing, Justin Bieber, the removal of artificial colors and flavors from breakfast cereals, I don’t know,Read More

Tomfoolery – From Domination To Near Extinction

I hate being the nihilistic voice of MO, but when it comes to the state of American talent at world-level motorcycle road racing, we’re f*#ked. If the swirling rumors of Nicky Hayden’s departure from MotoGP come to pass, it’ll be the first time since 1977 America’s been absent from competingRead More

Tomfoolery – Light Makes Right

When it comes to sportbike performance I’ve always advocated for lighter weight over higher horsepower. A few recent events have augmented exactly why concentrating on weight reduction is time and money better spent than on increasing power production. Soon we’ll be posting Sean Alexander’s exclusive first street test of Kawasaki’sRead More