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5 Tips For Riding A Motorcycle Safely In Traffic

There are countless dangers when negotiating your way through traffic on a motorcycle, and the perils have only multiplied with the hazards of distracted driving. And when you’re on a motorcycle, there’s no such thing as a minor fender-bender type of accident. You’re the only one you can rely onRead More

Holiday car hire: scams, tips and how to get a cheap deal

Tips & advice 11 Dec, 2015 Our car hire guide has everything you need to hire a car cheaply and easily on holiday without falling victim to the scams Latest

Safety tips for motorists when the clocks go back

Tips & advice 23 Oct, 2015 The clocks go back on Sunday 25th of October. Protect cyclists and pedestrians with these winter road safety tips Latest

Top 10 Tips for Removing/Installing Motorcycle Wheels

Question: What’s a motorcycle’s natural position? Answer: Lying on its side. What does this have to do with removing a motorcycle’s wheels? Well, Sparky, if you don’t follow these tips, your odds of seeing your motorcycle achieve its natural position increase dramatically. Any time you lift your bike with aRead More

Jeep, Chrysler, Acura 9-Speed Automatics: Supplier ZF Offers Tips

The arrival of nine-speed automatic transmissions—with some hiccups in tuning—in several mass-market models this past year has led some to wonder whether more speeds is necessarily a step forward. While the better mileage and stronger acceleration that more speeds can allow, drivability, it seems, has been lacking in some—yet not…Read More

Sir Richard Branson tips Formula E to surpass F1, but I’m not so sure

Sir Richard Branson, owner of DS Virgin Racing The Virgin boss reckons the electric racing series will surpass grand prix racing in terms of significance in five years Sir Richard Branson doesn’t pull his punches. In a press conference to announce his Virgin Racing team’s link-up with DS Automobiles inRead More