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What Motorcycle-Related Activity Are You Doing This Weekend?

Friday is winding down here at the MO Towers. Naturally, the topic of what is happening this weekend has come up as we stand around the espresso bar waiting for our pre-commute massages. We’ve got our weekends planned out: Tom is busy with the construction of the motocross track inRead More

This Is How You Play In The Snow + Video

We’ve often admired the resolve motorcycle riders who live in frigid areas have when it comes to sneaking in a ride, even when the conditions are terrible. Evan Hoge, a product developer for Klim, is one of those people. He doesn’t let the conditions stop him, and as Klim isRead More

Tesla Applies For Dealership License In Michigan. This Ought To Be Interesting

For years, Tesla Motors has fought to undo, overturn, and slip through loopholes in state franchise laws that prevent automakers from selling vehicles directly to consumers. But now, in an interesting twist, Tesla has begun applying for a dealership license — in the state of Michigan, no less. Tesla hasn’tRead More

Honda dealers to hand out free breathalysers this Christmas

News 18 Dec, 2015 Honda study finds one in three Brits admit to driving the morning after heavy drinking Latest

Is This a New Harley-Davidson Featured in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer?

Marvel has released a trailer for the next film in the Captain America franchise that may hold a surprise for Harley-Davidson fans. Harley-Davidson has been a long-time partner of Marvel, with several of its motorcycles getting featured in the comic book company’s films. True to form, the trailer for CaptainRead More

“Apologies from Volkswagen mean little at times like this”

Opinion 21 Oct, 2015 Worldwide damage limitation in the wake of the VW scandal won't come cheap, says Mike Rutherford Latest

Another Raid Of Volkswagen Offices — This Time, In France

Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany were raided on October 8, and now, the New York Times reports that investigators have struck again — this time, in France. It appears that la merde hit the fan on Friday when police raided not one, but two Volkswagen offices near Paris. (News ofRead More

This Is Not The VW Recall You Were Looking For: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, E-Golf Recalled

Volkswagen has yet to issue recalls for 11 million VW, Audi, Porsche, and Seat diesel vehicles equipped with emissions-test-cheating software. But if you own a gas-powered VW Jetta or Golf, or perhaps an electric E-Golf from model-year 2015, you might get a jump on all the recall fun. ALSO SEE:Read More

This week’s issue of Auto Express

News 15 Jul, 2015 In this week’s issue of Auto Express, we drive the new Honda HR-V and Audi R8, plus Mazda CX-3 takes on rivals Latest

Buyers beware: this year’s festival features bargain Bentleys

Bentley Preowned stand brings tempting used metal into the Goodwood mix Imagine having that awkward conversation on your return home from what’s become Britain’s biggest annual petrolhead’s weekend. “So how was the Festival of Speed, dear? Did you have fun?” “Fun? Oh yes, dear; lots, thank you. The weather wasRead More

Top 10 Shootout Winners So Far This Year

We’ve conducted 12 shootouts so far this year and we’re working on number 13 – a six-way literbike extravaganza which will soon be streaming your way. So, not including that one, which is assuredly the most important shootout this year, here are the winners of our most popular shootouts atRead More