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30 things to do in 2016 – part 3

How should a motoring fanatic spend their time this year? Here’s the last part of our helpful list of motoring-things not to miss out on… Click here to read part 2 of our 2016 guide, or here to read part 1 21. Buy a McLaren for a five-figure sum As thisRead More

30 things to do in 2016 – part 1

How should a motoring fanatic spend their time this year? Here’s a helpful list of motoring-things not to miss out on… 1. Go on a road trip Read all about our 1900 mile voyage in the McLaren 570S here for inspiration… 2. Oversteer… It’s hard to open a car magazineRead More

Head Shake – Guns and Moto, Part Deux

MO’s regular Wednesday contributor’s columns are intended as an alternative to our usual straight motorcycle reviews and discussions. There is always a motorcycle connection to them, however tenuous, but they are first and foremost intended to be free-range editorial space. Last week we presented John Burns’ take on a current hot-buttonRead More

New Volkswagen Phaeton confirmed as part of VW reshuffle

Our artist’s rendering shows how the new Phaeton could look A new, all-electric Volkswagen Phaeton will arrive in around 2020 to fight the Tesla Model S Volkswagen will launch an all-electric Phaeton flagship model as part of wide-ranging changes to its future strategy in the wake of the emissions scandal.Read More

Condor T-Ramp Is Part Trailer, Part Ramp + Video

Condor has just released its newest product, designed for powersports enthusiasts with motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, or even riding lawn mowers – the T-Ramp Trailer-Ramp system. The T-Ramp attaches to the trailer hitch in your truck, and when in ramp mode, offers a 12-foot by 5-foot loading ramp to quicklyRead More

KTM Ion: Part Electric Motorcycle Part Bicycle

The KTM Ion is part of Daniel Brunsteiner‘s bachelor’s thesis in industrial design. Originally named Taurus, the project blurs the lines between motorcycles and fixie bicycles. With support from KTM and Kiska (KTM’s go-to industrial design firm), Brunsteiner created a product meant to appeal to urban commuters. Built around KTM’s electric engine poweringRead More

Retro Rider Part 3: 1948 Vincent Rapide Ride Review

Part three in Retro Rider’s three-part series features the oldest and most iconic model Neale Bayly has yet sampled. The Series B Vincent Rapide may not be as well-known as its cousin, the Black Shadow, but the Series B Rapide is the predecessor that made the Black Shadow possible. TheRead More

Retro Rider Part 2: 1978 Bimoto SB2

Last week we introduced you to Neale Bayly and his new vintage bike video series, Retro Rider. In that inaugural video, Neale gave Kawasaki’s first four-stroke superbike, the Z1, a shakedown, and spoke to the bike’s owner, Kenneth Germain. This week’s edition of Retro Rider focuses on a far moreRead More

Used Jaguar | Life with a £500 luxury barge – part nine

Touch walnut trim, a simple clean of the Jag’s (overly) oily bits seems to have cured its growing penchant for off-the-throttle stalling As I’ve mentioned before, and as we all know, forums are often a mixed blessing. With the Jag stalling off the throttle and providing sporadic moments of terror,Read More

Skidmarks – (Excelsior-Henderson) X Factor Part II

Last column, Skidmarks – (Excelsior-Henderson) X Factor, I related the curious case of die-hard Excelsior-Henderson fans, men and women who love their motorcycles and loyally keep them running, year after year. I chatted with a few of them to get an idea of why they liked the big V-Twins soRead More