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2016 Motus MST and MSTR Review

Used to be, there was no such thing as a “sport-tourer.” It’s kind of a silly concept, if you think about it – take the biggest, slowest, worst-handling sort of bike and combine it with the smallest, fastest, best-handling. It’s like crossing an F-18 with the Goodyear Blimp, and nobodyRead More

Motus V4 Finds Its Way To The Dirt + Video

Our friends at Motus are hard at work delivering their motorcycles, the MST and MST-R, to customers (and stay tuned, as we’re scheduled to ride one!). Motus has been shipping about three bikes a week to customers, but they’ve also been busy with other projects involving their V4 Baby Block engine.Read More

Motus Adds SoCal Dealer, Headed To Indy MotoGP

In its latest press release, Motus, the all-American V4 sport-tourer, has announced production has hit a point where bikes are shipping weekly. In addition, it has added a new dealer in Southern California: San Diego BMW. According to the Motus press release, the San Diego BMW crew has experience notRead More