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Land Rover Defender number 2million makes £400k at auction

News 17 Dec, 2015 The two-millionth Land Rover Defender sold for a record price at a charity auction Latest

Hyundai Makes Genesis A Luxury Brand

For years, auto journalists and analysts have been expecting Hyundai to launch a luxury line — and at long last it has, though it hasn’t played out as some had suspected. Many thought that the upmarket Equus would form the core of Hyundai’s spin-off brand, but today, we learn thatRead More

Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Makes U.S. Debut

For the motorcyclist (sorry, scooterist) with a nod for style and elegance in your two-wheel transport, Vespa has now debuted its 946 Emporio Armani scooter in the United States. This following its launch in Europe in June and Asian markets in September. The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani was developed as aRead More

Autonomous car tech makes it harder to drive, not easier

Autonomous cars sound like they take the pressure off drivers, but is that really the case? Despite hours and hours of training to qualify as a private pilot, you cannot pass your test in a four-seat Cessna 172, then grab the keys to an Airbus A330 that afternoon and jetRead More

Tomfoolery – Light Makes Right

When it comes to sportbike performance I’ve always advocated for lighter weight over higher horsepower. A few recent events have augmented exactly why concentrating on weight reduction is time and money better spent than on increasing power production. Soon we’ll be posting Sean Alexander’s exclusive first street test of Kawasaki’sRead More