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Volkswagen’s Fix For European Diesels Gets The Green Light (But Will Owners Get The Shaft?)

It’s been more than two months since news of Volkswagen’s emissions-test cheating software first began to make headlines, and we still have no concrete details about how the company plans to fix more than 11 million vehicles affected by the Dieselgate scandal. That could soon change — at least inRead More

Throwback Thursday – Green light for Jaguar’s new E-Type, 11 November 1992

It took Jaguar 37 years to get from E-Type to F-Type, but back in 1992, speculation surrounding a proposed successor to the E-type reached fever pitch The 37 years between the demise of the E-Type in 1975 and the launch of the F-Type in 2012 were packed with ‘what if’ andRead More

Honda Light Weight Super Sport Concept Revealed

Honda revealed a new sportbike concept described as a “Light Weight Super Sport”. Few technical details were released, but speculation is the concept will eventually enter production as a two-cylinder CBR250RR. We hope to find out more when the concept debuts at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in late October.Read More

Shimmering DS 3 Dark Light announced – pictures


Shimmering DS 3 Dark Light available now

News 3 Sep, 2015 Eye-catching DS 3 Dark Light will be given a limited production run, with just 300 models available Latest

BMW Introduces Dynamic Brake Light for 2016 + Video

BMW is adding its dynamic brake lights to motorcycles after first introducing the technology to its automobiles. The technology that flashes the rear brake lights during deceleration, in theory making it more noticeable to other vehicles that the bike is slowing down. The dynamic brake light system will be offeredRead More

Tomfoolery – Light Makes Right

When it comes to sportbike performance I’ve always advocated for lighter weight over higher horsepower. A few recent events have augmented exactly why concentrating on weight reduction is time and money better spent than on increasing power production. Soon we’ll be posting Sean Alexander’s exclusive first street test of Kawasaki’sRead More