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A Day in the Life: Team Suzuki ECSTAR Press Guy Federico Tondelli

From the Team Suzuki Press Office – February 9. The MotoGP™ World Championship is a series that has huge relevance all around the world, being one of the most-followed and exciting sports. Every event, from the winter tests to each one of the 18 races, gathers the interest of millionsRead More

Used Jaguar | Life with a £500 luxury barge – the final chapter

It has been a superb nine months, but an unfortunate prang has prompted an earlier than expected end to Jag ownership Yes, dear reader, you have read the headline correctly. It is with a heavy heart that I must confess the XJ has been sold on. But the decision wasRead More

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept puts cycling first

News 10 Sep, 2015 Concept variant of Honda's capacious Civic Tourer estate is ideal for wannabe Chris Hoys, and will be on display at Frankfurt Latest

The Life Electric – High-Tech Escape + Video

Silicon Valley is home to some of the brightest tech minds in the world, many of whom are working tirelessly to develop answers to questions most of us haven’t even thought of yet. Take Cloud computing, for instance. The invisible hard drive in the sky has transformed how we computeRead More

Used Jaguar | Life with a £500 luxury barge – part nine

Touch walnut trim, a simple clean of the Jag’s (overly) oily bits seems to have cured its growing penchant for off-the-throttle stalling As I’ve mentioned before, and as we all know, forums are often a mixed blessing. With the Jag stalling off the throttle and providing sporadic moments of terror,Read More

A day in the life of Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer is relishing his role as Aston Martin CEO. We shadow him for a day at the office After nine months in the job, Aston Martin’s new CEO, Andy Palmer, is still making up for lost time. There was much joy and relief when the Stratford-born 52-year-old left aRead More

The Life Electric: Next-Gen Hot Rodding + Video

Hot rodding’s history is filled with speed seekers that have gasoline running through their veins. But now there’s a new dawn in the age to go faster and Harlan Flagg, Brandon Nozaki-Miller and Jeff Clark are pioneering the way. The technology they’re working with might be different than that usedRead More