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Did Dieselgate Woes Force Volkswagen Into Takata Recall?

Volkswagen is having a host of PR problems right now, so you’d expect the company to take every opportunity to improve its image. But in fact, Volkswagen was anything but willing to do something that could buff its brand by showing concern for consumers. Public documents show that the automakerRead More

VLF Automotive Force 1 V10 rolls into Detroit 2016

News 12 Jan, 2016 VLF Automotive reveals its "All-American Supercar", with 745bhp and extremely limited production Latest

Ford Patent Could Transform Your Car Into A Unicycle

No doubt about it: the world of transportation is undergoing major changes right now, thanks to electrification, battery improvements, and propulsion systems that rely on elements like hydrogen to power vehicles. The sorts of vehicles we use are changing, too. A new patent from Ford hints at a future whereRead More

Keith McCarty Inducted Into AMA Hall Of Fame

From a Yamaha press release: Bypassing the traditional-style college degree that his mother desired for him, but still working on his MBA in life, with a major in “Motorcycles,” Keith McCarty, Motorsports Racing Division Manager for Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., was inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association’s Hall of Fame,Read More

TruTV Super Into MotoVentures & Michelle Rodriguez

The new TruTV show, Super Into, filmed at MotoVentures will be airing on October 24th. The show will feature celebrities and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. This episode features actress Michelle Rodriguez best known for her roles in Girlfight (2000), 3AM (2001) and The Fast and the Furious (2002). Michelle,Read More

VW emissions scandal: Prosecutors launch investigation into Winterkorn

Reports suggest that Winterkorn will be investigated for fraud, as several other executives are suspended from the company German prosecutors have reportedly opened an investigation into former Volkswagen Group boss Martin Winterkorn as a result of the emissions scandal that has engulfed the company recently. Several VW executives are alsoRead More

AAA: You’re Just Not That Into Self-Parking Vehicles, Are You?

Over the summer, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute surveyed more than 500 drivers to gauge their feelings about autonomous cars. The results? Only about 16 percent of respondents wanted a fully self-driving vehicle. By contrast, nearly 44 percent said they didn’t want their cars to do any drivingRead More

Fines For Backing Into Your Driveway: Public Safety Issue Or Violation Of Privacy?

Like 18 other states, Florida only requires cars to carry one license plate, mounted at the rear of the vehicle. That probably helps to trim expenses at Florida’s DMV, but it also means that when a motorist backs into her driveway, law enforcement officials can’t read her car’s plate. TheRead More

Putting the Great into Britain: exploring the car industry

Features 10 Jul, 2015 The British car industry is booming, we visit the country's key car manufacturing sites to find out what went right Latest