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Takata’s Exploding Airbags Finally Explained (No Thanks To Takata)

Recalls related to Takata’s fatally flawed airbags have been underway for several years, though the scope of the problem only became apparent to many people in 2014. The supplier and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been investigating the devices far longer — since at least 2008. Unfortunately, noneRead More

Cat D and Cat C cars: insurance write-offs explained

Tips & advice 19 Jan, 2016 Our quick guide to Category D – or Cat D – cars, plus what to look out for when buying one Latest

Ford Focus RS on video – drive modes explained

Here you’ll find all of the official Ford videos associated with the new Focus RS, including the ‘Rebirth of an icon’ series and Ford’s latest video on the car’s different drive modes With more than 1500 orders recieved in its first month on sale, the Ford Focus RS has beenRead More

Tyre pressure, speed rating and depth explained: complete tyre care guide

Tips & advice 22 Sep, 2015 Maintaining your tyres isn't too hard – as long as you know what to do. Here are our top tips Latest