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Koch Brothers Want To Kill The Electric Car Again (And They’ll Spend $10 Million A Year To Do It)

It seems fairly clear to most observers that petroleum’s days are numbered, and that cars of the future will run on electricity. There’s plenty of debate about where that electricity will come from — batteries? fuel cells? — but when you have conservative performance and luxury marques throwing their hatsRead More

Aston Martin RapidE Electric Car Will Be Co-Developed With Faraday Future Sibling

Performance brands haven’t always been excited about the transition to electric cars. Many seemed to fear a loss of power, terrified by the thought of producing stylish-but-pokey golf carts for the well-heeled. Then came Tesla, which showed everyone that electric cars could be very, very powerful, indeed. And après ça,Read More

Ford explores carbon fibre engines and electric turbocharging at Detroit

News 13 Jan, 2016 In the pursuit of lighter, more efficient engines, Ford is exploring less conventional ways of saving fuel Latest

Qoros shake-up will focus on electric vehicles and autonomy

Struggling Chinese-Isreali carmaker hopes to take advantage of the changing auto industry by opening a new division producing New Energy Vehicles Qoros, the struggling Chinese-Israeli automotive start-up brand, says it will shake up the company’s current structure by establishing two new divisions, one to develop electric vehicles and the otherRead More

Faraday Future’s 1000-HP Electric Car: Should Tesla Be Worried?

Last August, we told you about Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting, who had vowed to launch an electric car company that would rival Tesla Motors. In November, we told you that Yueting had made good on at least part of his promise by founding Faraday Futures, which was planning a $Read More

VW Microbus to go electric at CES tech show – new preview image

This latest preview image hints at the concept’s name Classic Camper van will return with all-electric derivative to showcase VW’s vision for autonomous tech, safety and connectivity Volkswagen has provided a close preview of its new electric concept car, which is scheduled to make its debut at the Consumer ElectronicsRead More

OPEC Laughs In The Face Of Electric Cars

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has issued its annual World Oil Outlook report, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, it’s pretty optimistic about the future of fossil fuels. Among OPEC’s big predictions: 1. By the year 2040, 94 percent of vehicles that roam the world’s roads willRead More

Jaguar heads for the future with electric power

With Jaguar taking its first steps into Formula E, it seems inevitable that an all-electric Jaguar road car will soon follow We were 20 minutes into the press questions following Jaguar’s Formula E announcement at the Shard in central London before somebody mentioned Formula 1. Jaguar’s press chief laughed that itRead More

Most Reliable Cars, 2016 Toyota Prius, 2017 Ford Focus Electric: What’s New @ The Car Connection

From The Car Connection: Study: Toyota Corolla Is Most Reliable Car In America, But Fords Are Cheaper To Repair December means many things to many people. Chief among them: holiday meals, shopping for gifts, and socializing with family members and co-workers you’d ordinarily never speak to. 2016 Toyota Prius: LowerRead More

How much will an electric vehicle really cost?

Most teenagers want their first car to be electric. Here’s what it’s likely to cost them Propaganda. That’s what got us into the whole ‘oil-burnergeddon’ situation in the first place. Meanwhile, the all-electric lobby is going down an unlit blind alley at warp speed. If you haven’t noticed, the GoRead More

Energica Unveils Final Version Of Eva Electric Streetfighter

At EICMA 2015, Energica Motor Company, best known for its Ego electric sportbike, unveiled the final version of its electric streetfighter, the Eva. See the rest of MO’s EICMA 2015 coverage here The Eva is powered by an oil-cooled permanent magnet AC motor Energica says makes 95 hp and 170 NmRead More

The Mahindra GenZe Electric Scooter Coming To Select U.S. Cities + Video

The all-electric GenZe 2.0 scooter, designed and developed in the States, is the latest vehicle built to help commuters in congested cities navigate the roads easier and with a smaller carbon footprint. Indian company Mahindra is the parent company of GenZe. Constructed from an aluminum exoskeleton,the GenZe is powered byRead More