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California DMV Driving Autonomous Car Developers Off The Road & Out Of State

If we learned nothing else in grade school, we learned that going first is a scary thing. You’re expected to wow everyone watching, and you set the tone for all the folks that follow. It’s a big risk, and a big responsibility. California is feeling those kinds of jitters rightRead More

Young Driving Less, 2016 Toyota Corolla, 2017 Audi R8: What’s New @ The Car Connection

From The Car Connection: Study: Folks Under 55 Are Increasingly Less Likely To Drive It may be a cliche, but it’s one that’s been confirmed by study after study: younger Americans just aren’t that interested in driving. 2016 Toyota Corolla Review The 2016 Toyota Corolla is this year’s version ofRead More

Study: Young People Aren’t Drinking & Driving As Much As They Used To

When we think about the problem of drinking and driving, we often associate it with younger, less experienced drivers. A new study shows that the practice has become far less common among motorists age 16 to 25, though we’re not out of the woods, yet. ALSO SEE: Diesels Doomed? DelhiRead More

Volvo to accept liability if autonomous driving tech fails

News 1 Dec, 2015 Volvo boss makes landmark announcement that his company will accept full liability when car is in autonomous mode Latest

Would you pass your driving test now?

Features 13 Nov, 2015 To celebrate the UK driving test’s 80th birthday, we asked 12 experienced motorists to retake their tests. Did they pass or fail? Latest

Former glories – driving both generations of the Ford Focus RS

Before the latest Focus RS came two cars of serious calibre that went about their craft in very different ways Imagine the luxury. Pre-‘One Ford’, before the age of austerity, imagine being in a position to not only develop a hatchback just for Europe but also decide that, when youRead More

Prosecutions for using mobile phones while driving down by half

News 19 Oct, 2015 The RAC is worried that court cases for mobile phone use are down when motorists report handheld phone use is on the up Latest

2016 Toyota Prius Aiming At 55 MPG, Sportier Driving Experience

The 2016 Toyota Prius made an official first appearance this past week—and with a new shape, more finely detailed design details, and a heightened driving experience, the fourth-generation Prius looks poised to stay relevant—and a leader in some respects, in a market where the Prius is no longer the greenRead More

Language skills No.1 worry for Brits driving abroad

News 15 Aug, 2015 Struggling to understand a foreign language is the biggest concern for Brits driving cars in foreign countries Latest

Older Americans Are Buying All The Cars (And Not Just Because Young People Hate Driving)

There’s a lot of data to suggest that younger people just aren’t that into cars. And yet, U.S. auto sales are booming. How is that possible? Bloomberg credits older consumers for the uptick — specifically those 65 and up. There are several reasons that silver-haired set are buying more carsRead More

Driving in France

Tips & advice 31 Jul, 2015 Our complete guide to driving in France with tips, advice and a full car checklist Latest

Driving abroad: your holiday car guide

Tips & advice 30 Jul, 2015 Our guide to all the info, laws and top tips for driving abroad, on holiday or on business Latest