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New Alfa Romeo SUV could be called Stelvio

Autocar sources confirm that Alfa Romeo’s first SUV model could be called the Stelvio when it goes on sale The upcoming Alfa Romeo SUV could take the Stelvio name when it goes on sale in the UK in 2016-17. Autocar sources in Italy have confirmed that Stelvio is one ofRead More

Beautiful 1957 Ferrari 335 could become the world’s most expensive car

News 4 Feb, 2016 The Ferrari 335 is up for sale at the Artcurial Motorcars auction in Paris on February 5 and is predicted to hit $ 34m Latest

Bosch Has A New Gas Pedal That Could Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient (And Smarter, Too)

Love it or hate it, the Internet of Things is upon us. We have watches that tell us when we’ve been sitting too long, dog collars that keep tabs on our pooches’ pulmonary patterns, and refrigerators that know way too much about our private eating habits. So, it’s not veryRead More

Tesla Could Be Poised For Big Win: FTC To Hear Pros & Cons Of Franchise Laws

Tesla Motors has had trouble making inroads in some states due to stringent franchise laws and the powerful dealer lobbies that keep those laws in place. But change could be looming around the corner — change effected not by individual states, but by the Federal Trade Commission. On Tuesday, JanuaryRead More

28 States Use Outdated Driver’s License Format, Which Could Leave You Stranded At The Airport

When we think of technology and change, we often think of computers, mobile phones, cars, and such. But today, even the most mundane objects are evolving, from electrical outlets to thermostats. Driver’s licenses are not immune. Unfortunately, like your grumpy uncle who’s still mad about the disappearance of incandescent lightRead More

Ford Patent Could Transform Your Car Into A Unicycle

No doubt about it: the world of transportation is undergoing major changes right now, thanks to electrification, battery improvements, and propulsion systems that rely on elements like hydrogen to power vehicles. The sorts of vehicles we use are changing, too. A new patent from Ford hints at a future whereRead More

Lamborghini Urus SUV could get hybrid version

The upcoming Urus SUV is the primary candidate to be Lamborghini’s first hybrid model, although the business case has yet to be signed off The forthcoming Lamborghini Urus SUV is a better candidate to be the company’s first plug-in hybrid than the Huracán and Aventador super-sports cars, company chiefs haveRead More

New ‘super battery’ could power future electric cars

News 30 Oct, 2015 UK researchers have created a new lithium-oxygen battery that has 10 times the energy of the current lithium-ion system Latest

‘Mandatory automatic headlights could be a real safety boon’

Opinion 23 Oct, 2015 If technology exists that can help to make drivers safer, we should encourage its use, says Steve Fowler Latest

Apple Talking With California DMV About Autonomous Cars: Unveiling Could Come Soon

“Siri, what are the relevant regulations for building self-driving cars for the California auto market?” It appears that even Tim Cook’s super-ultra-mega beta version of Siri couldn’t answer that one, which is why, according to The Guardian, the company recently met with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss theRead More

‘Explosion’ in finance on new cars could spell trouble for used market

News 20 Aug, 2015 Experts warn drop in values and rise in interest rates could see market flooded with second-hand stock Latest

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport could come back to the UK

News 7 Aug, 2015 L200-based Pajero Sport could come here as Shogun Sport & points to styling of the next-generation Shogun Latest