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Made In England: how the new Vauxhall Astra is built at Ellesmere Port

Features 13 Dec, 2015 Auto Express heads to Vauxhall’s plant in Cheshire to watch a very special prize Astra being built from scratch Latest

Nissan confirms next Juke will be built in the UK

News 3 Sep, 2015 Nissan's next Juke will remain British built, securing 34,000 jobs and ensuring £100million of Sunderland investment Latest

Terrafugia Hasn’t Built Its First Flying Car Yet, But Here’s A Video For The Next One

In show biz, there’s an old saying: “Leave ’em wanting more.” It means that entertainers should play hard-to-get, offering just enough slap-and-tickle to entice their audiences to shell out for a second ticket. For that to work, however, audiences have to get something — anything — the first time around.Read More

Jag’s baby F-Pace to be built in Austria

News 2 Jul, 2015 Jaguar's smallest SUV will be built overseas thanks to new agreement with Magna Steyr Latest