Build Your Own 1:4 Scale Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Last week, we wrote about Yamaha‘s new Paper Craft YZF-R1M, a model kit producing a 1:5 scale replica of the superbike. When crafty motorcycle enthusiasts are done constructing their paper R1M, they can then turn their attentions to a new die-cast Ducati 1299 Panigale S model kit from Pocher.


The 1299 Panigale is the first motorcycle to be replicated by Pocher, an Italian model maker known for its attention to detail. The kit consists of more than 600 parts made of die-cast metal, rubber and plastic. The wheels, transmission chain, suspension and hand levers all move realistically. Most of the parts are connected by screws and they all come pre-painted along with a set of decals. The fully assembled model is built to a 1:4 scale, measuring 20.4 inches long and weighing 11 pounds.


The Pocher Ducati 1299 Panigale S model kit will go on sale in Asian markets by the end of December and in Europe in January. Though there’s no time frame for U.S. availability, American model makers can pre-order the $ 799.99 kit through Pocher’s local importer, Hornby Hobbies..

122315-model-ducati-11-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_01 122315-model-ducati-1-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_11 122315-model-ducati-2-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_10 122315-model-ducati-4-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_08 122315-model-ducati-3-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_09 122315-model-ducati-10-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_02 122315-model-ducati-9-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_03 122315-model-ducati-8-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_04 122315-model-ducati-7-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_05 122315-model-ducati-6-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_06 122315-model-ducati-5-1299_Panigale_miniature_by_Pocher_07

[Source: Ducati]


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