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Chinese Scientists Are Developing A Mind-Controlled Car

If you saw Carrie and immediately thought, “Man, telekinesis is cool!”, you’ll be happy to know that scientists in China have been working on a device that grants similar powers. It can’t control fire hoses or skewer annoying gym teachers in the gut, but it does allow users to controlRead More

Chinese Tesla Rival, 2016 Toyota RAV4, 2017 Evoque Convertible: What’s New @ The Car Connection

From The Car Connection: Tesla Competitor From China Ponies Up $ 1 Billion To Launch U.S. Operations Back in August, we told you about Jia Yueting, a Chinese entrepreneur who created LeTV (China’s answer to Netflix). The billionaire techie had announced his intention to take on Tesla in the luxuryRead More

‘Made In China’ May Be Fine For Volvo, But Not Lexus — Or Chinese Shoppers

Lexus is one of the few luxury automakers that hasn’t set up shop in China. That’s undoubtedly lost the company plenty of sales, because vehicles imported to China carry high tariffs and cost around 30 percent more than cars made domestically. But Lexus is sticking to its guns — atRead More

2015 LandWind X7 – Chinese Range Rover Evoque clone revealed

Despite Jaguar Land Rover’s complaints, the Land Wind X7 is going on sale in China next month The LandWind X7, a much-criticised clone of the Range Rover Evoque, has been revealed in its final production form and will go on sale in China next month. The new model has beenRead More

Chinese Kids Driving Supercars: Inside the Secret Southern California Meet-up

China’s ultra-rich are growing in number and in wealth – and are sending billions of dollars out of the country. Much of it is landing up in the U.S. where many children of the wealthy elite are sent to get an American college education — and they’re living large. VocativRead More