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Audi Joins VW In Gift Card Goodwill Program, Admits To Illegal Software On 3.0-Liter Diesels

Unless you’ve paid close attention to the Volkswagen “Dieselgate” headlines, you might’ve missed the fact that Audi vehicles are also installed with emissions-test-cheating software. The fact that Volkswagen’s popular, mass-market brand at the center of the scandal shares a name with its parent company has obscured the fact that otherRead More

VW emissions scandal: Company admits 3.0-litre diesel engines are affected

Volkswagen admits that as many as 85,000 extra vehicles have been affected by its emissions scandal, as the investigation widens to include 3.0-litre diesel engines Volkswagen Group has admitted that its 3.0-litre diesel engines are also affected by the widening emissions scandal – potentially affecting another 85,000 vehicles worldwide. ReutersRead More

Volkswagen boss admits company knew of emissions cheat in 2014

VW’s US boss Michael Horn admits company has broken the trust of customers Volkswagen’s US boss Michael Horn has admitted he knew about the company’s ‘defeat device’ as far back as 2014. In a statement presented to the US House of Representatives, Horn says he was first made aware ofRead More

Volkswagen Sums Up Diesel Situation, Admits Guilt On Info Site

After a week of being in the headlines deceiving the federal government and the public over its TDI “clean diesel” vehicles, Volkswagen has rolled out a new consumer-facing website that aims to answer some common questions and do some damage control in the wake of the widening scandal. Although ifRead More